OK, so in response to a number of requests, here are some answers to questions I’ve been asked...

Where are you from?

A  Backwoods of Florida

Are you related to Will Calhoun of Living Colour? 

A  Hmmm, well if I said he's my cousin, you'd say that's cool. If I said he's my brother, you'd probably wonder why I'm not in the band. But...if I said he's my ex-husband, we got married at a young age, he treated me like crap and the only thing he gave me was his name, then I'm tomorrow's headline in the Enquirer and on Entertainment Tonight. So, let's go with that one. LOL!!

How did you get started?

A  It’s such a great story that I’m saving it for my book.

Who are some of the people you’ve worked with?

A  In order...

  1. BulletBetty Wright -  An infinitely talented woman who introduced me to the music business.  Thank you Ms. B.  


  3. BulletGloria Estefan - I’m a fan.  The tour was first class.  Loved working with her and got to see the world.  Still in contact with a few of my former MSM band mates.

  4. BulletJon Secada - Promo tour for his debut CD.  Handsome, kind, and genuine...but he still owes me for a bet we made before he won his 1st Grammy.

  5. BulletAl Jarreau - Al is amazing and I learned a lot.  One of my career highlights was when he invited me to sing a duet with him on tour.  I’d love to sing with him again.  I’d love to sing with him again.  I’d love to sing with him again.  Al, are you listening???

  6. BulletBarry White - To hear him speak was payment enough.

  7. BulletBoz Scaggs - I could have sworn he was black until I met him!

  8. BulletPaul Simon - It was only 2 songs for Hurricane Relief -- but it was Paul Simon!!

  9. BulletSteely Dan - 2 amazing musicians/ songwriters/ people. They gave me the opportunity to sing on Two Against Nature (4 Grammys for them, 1 Grammy certificate for me!), participate in 2 awesome tours, and let me sing a solo on Dirty Work. I'd love to sing with them again...tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month.....whenever, wherever.

  10. BulletJulian Marley - A brilliant musician/songwriter/performer in his own right.  A truly genuine person who is on a spiritual journey and through his music, hopes to unite all people and cultures.

  1. BulletSunnie Paxson - Great musician and songwriter.  Sunnie is a longtime friend and sister-in-arms.  Because of her generous spirit and musicianship, I always look forward to performing with her.

I gigged around LA with several bands and came so, so close to getting a deal on two occasions.  I recorded a song for an independent film, co-wrote and performed a song for The Parenthood, and co-wrote and performed the theme song for The Nick Freno Show.

Yes, I do more than sing.  I co-wrote, and/or did vocal arrangements, and/or sang background on Let’s Play House for Tha Dogg Pound (3X Platinum), 3 songs on Lisa Frazier’s Heart Of Gold, 2 songs on Michel’le’s Hung Jury, and on Murder Was The Case.

Acting is another passion.  I had a featured role in Menace II Society (the now famous hospital scene), and guest roles on Ally McBeal, Sheena, The Parenthood, The Wayan Brothers, and ER.  I’ve also done theatre, most recently portraying Diana Ross in My Brother Marvin.  You can see me now (I think) on the big screen in Evil Angel, which stars Ving Rhames.  All of my scenes are with Ving, who is such a super nice guy.  I’m definitely interested in doing more acting , and look forward to more challenging roles in the future.

I’m on a spiritual journey in my personal life and prefer to participate in projects that are interesting to me and uplifting to all.  (Or pay really, really well.  LOL!!)